Welcome to the SKITTERS series.

Here you'll find an ongoing, monthly collection of short stories released in digital and paperback form. From the darkest seeds of fantasy horror to the death-torn, psychedelic reaches of outer space, this series has it all. Ghost, demons, gods - SKITTERS will provide.

The best part? You can grab these books for less than the price of a cup of coffee, and they're even cheaper digital. So what are you waiting for? Take a look at the series so far...


The Krampus Song

Skitters #1 bring Christmas fear to a war-torn Britain

When paranormal investigator Henry Crane takes on evacuee Claire, he gives her one hard instruction: DO NOT touch the things in the Black Room.

But it's Christmas Eve, and Claire has just stumbled upon an old yuletide record. Surely there can't be any harm in playing just one song... right?


Dry January

Follow a group of friends through a brutal New Year's binge with Skitters #2

One last drink. This year will be different, they think, and if New Year's Eve really is the last time they take a drink, then they'll take it hard. 

But they're not the only ones out for a binge, and with what's lurking out in the dark, maybe it really will be the last time...


The Kiln-Fired Heart

Skitters #3 is no fairytale

Evelina has always had The Gift, ever since that day in the river. A beautiful gift, the gift of life. And yet, she's always been so incredibly lonely...

Then she discovers that she's not alone after all. But not everybody uses their gifts for good, and some hearts are just too black to love...



The Rage Saga continues in Skitters #4

The Rage. A drug that turns people angry, violent, monstrous... and with a mutated strain that turns them inside-out.

Enter the Rage Squad, a military group with one task: take out the Ragers scattered across the country. But when they encounter a group of mutants far more dangerous than any other, not all of the team will survive...

Note: while this is a continuation of The Rage stories from THIS LONELY CARCASS SONG, it also serves as a standalone story and can be read on its own.


Dark Seed

Skitters #5 takes a journey through uncharted waters

Welcome to the first fantasy-horror entry in the series. In Dark Seed, a tiny, desperate settlement comes under attack from a vicious group of savages and must rally all their defenses for one final, bloody stand.

But the Pale Savages bring more than death across the seas. They have demonic forces on their side, and the survivors of this attack will be far worse off than the dead...


Kozmic Bowling

Skitters #6 coming April 2021