Help us fight cancer with horror.

The annual Blood Rites Horror writing competition returns this Halloween with GOONWATCH - read on to see how we're raising money for Cancer Research UK and how you can help us...

This October, we need your help to raise as much money as possible for Cancer Research UK, a dedicated and important cause that means so much to so many of us. Last year, we ran the PARASITE GODS writing contest and raised over £400, with sales from the resulting anthology raising a further £900, all in the name of supporting the fight against cancer.

This year, we're doing it again.

Want to enter? Here's everything you need to know...


What Are We Looking For?

This year, we just want your best horror stories (up to 5,000 words). Your story may be any theme or subgenre, but MUST be horror. It MUST be written in English. ANY scenes of a sexual nature must be necessary and non-exploitative.

The top ten stories from this contest will be printed in an anthology (to be released early 2022) entitled GOONWATCH, and - much in the style of "Creepshow" and other anthology series - will be presented by our very own mascot, The Goon. The book will feature ten full-page illustrations and ten interludes or "introductions". Essentially, what we're saying is... we're really going for that Creepshow vibe. So if you want to throw in some campy gore, some cheese, some wisecracking goblins... go for it. Don't get bogged down in leaning into the whole Creepshow thing, but feel free to play with it if that's your stlye!

The Goon will NOT tolerate racism, homophobia or any kind of discrimination. Any entries which include racist, homophobic or discriminatory content will NOT be judged, and the entrants will NOT be refunded. The fees are, after all, going to charity, and The Goon has his priorities right.

Otherwise, write any damn thing and send it our way. We want to see blood, guts, gore and language, monsters, demons, ghosts and ghouls - we want it all. Every entry helps us raise a little more for this excellent cause, and of course helps us to put together a great book and raise even more money.

What's that? You want to know where all this damn money's going? Read on...


Where's All This Damn Money Going?

It's quite simple: 75% of the total amount of money we raise from entry fees will go to Cancer Research UK, and 25% will go to ONE lucky winner. 

We'll also donate ALL profits from sales of the GOONWATCH anthology to Cancer Research UK on a monthly basis (as they roll in).

Entry fees are as follows...

For ONE Short Fiction entry: £3.50 (UK) $5.00 (US)

For THREE Short Fiction entries: £7.00 (UK) $10.00 (US)

We encourage you to enter as many times as you like, and that three-for-two deal rolls over. So, for example, if you want to enter SIX times, it would be £14.00 (UK) or $20.00 (US). If you want to enter a piece of Flash Fiction (that's anything under 1,000 words), it's even cheaper...

For ONE Flash Fiction entry: £2.00 (UK) $3.00 (US)

For THREE Flash Fiction entries: £5.00 (UK) $7.50 (US)

Remember, all this money is going to a really great cause, so if you want to donate more, or enter a hundred times, please feel free and know your kindness and generosity have been greatly appreciated.


How To Enter

The contest will run from October 1st to midnight (GMT) on October 31st.

During that time, our contest mascot THE GOON will be keeping a watchful eye on the contest email address: BLOODRITESGOON@GMAIL.COM

Please send your stories to this email address with "GOONWATCH - [STORY TITLE]" in the subject line.

Please make sure your name, the story title, and wordcount, are all in the BODY of the email.

Please attach your entry as a Word Document. Important: DO NOT include any personal details in this document. All entries will be judged blind. ONLY include the title of the story and the story itself in this document, or unfortunately it will not be judged. Please make sure the document is double-spaced.

Once you've submitted your story (or stories) to us, please make sure to send your entry fees to our PayPal address: BLOODRITESPUBLISHING@GMAIL.COM. You can either do this by heading to the PayPal app or by clicking the button below. 

You may enter the contest as many times as you wish, although we would ask that you send each entry in a separate email.

Thank you, and good luck!



Good Luck!

Please make sure you've read all the above details carefully before submitting. 

Thank you for your generosity. Any help with sharing, supporting, posting, donating or entering is greatly appreciated. Most importantly, good luck, and may the best Goon win!


Please email us at with any questions.


Not entering, but want to help out? Any and all donations are greatly appreciated and will go a long way in supporting this great cause.